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This project is no longer under active development nor available as a public release.
This page was migrated for informational purposes from the NFC website as a wiki article.

Currently in the testing stages is a windows SOE (Standard Operating Environment) Based on Windows 7 that I am developing. by utilising this SOE you will be able to fix most of your computer issues yourself, if you can't then as a user of this SOE i can provide the support to keep your computer running as if it were still new. This SOE has been setup for ZTI (zero touch installation), starting from partitioning your Hard drive all the way through to installing your software. The best part is that you don't have to look after your computer because thats what I will be doing for you. Every time you use your computer it will be running diagnostics software I have developed and if it identifys an issue then it will try to fix it by itself, if it cant then you and me will be notified, I will then develop a fix then your computer will automaticly download the fix via a secure connection and rectify the found issue.

Some features include:

  1. Automatic Updating of SOE features
  2. Automatic downloading of chosen installed software
  3. Automatic rebuilding of the SOE (format hard drive, install windows and install your software)
  4. Secure Web Management interface (Currently being Developed)

(NOTE: All connections from your computer to the SOE update server are done via a secure connection)

once this has been released then it will listed here.

Since early 2010 we have been developing the Windows SOE that is based upon Windows 7. There were plans to extend support to windows XP, Windows 2K3 and Windows 2K8. Windows Vista Will not be supported at this stage.

One of the main reasons the SOE is being developed is because the average user still requires a technician to fix there computer. if a technician is not available people will either get a friend who knows boats to fix it or just leave it, either way the end user experience has declined and the computer becomes unusable. The main aim of the SOE is to bridge the gap between knowing boats (think your a geek) and using your computer. With the planning, time and effort that has gone into creating this SOE your computer experience should be as effortless as lifting your leg and farting.

To use the SOE you will have to register for an account with us, that will give you access to the SOE Web Administration Interface.

Web Administration Interface

People are used to surfing the internet so using a web site so people could administer their computer made sense. with the web interface you will be able to manage computer users, applications and quickly and clearly identify what is going on with your computer.

ZTI Rebuild Console This SOE comes with its own ZTI (Zero Touch Installation) RE-build Console. This is a hidden partition on your computer that will enable you to format your system partition, reinstall Windows and your software and restore your settings as if it where new again. all of this is done without loosing you personal data. this is not like the recovery partition that came with your computer it is designed to clean and rebuild your computer with only what you want. This is managed via the Web Interface

Standard Features

Below is a list of the changes made to windows from the default install;

Added to windows install

  • Logon Scripts
  • System Startup Scripts

Changed from default install

  • Power plan changed to High performance
  • Moved Personal Documents Location to H:\
  • Verbose startup enabled

Removed from default install

  • Disabled IPV6 - (REF: Ticket 61)
  • Disabled Hibernation
  • Disabled Startup Repair


Most of the SOE software has been created by us and is included as part of the SOE. This software does all of the boring and mundane tasks so you don't have to like file integrity checking, updating, installing and cleanup of software and drivers. all of the software that we have created is designed with the lowest common denominator in mind so every piece that interacts with you will do so in a way that is easy to understand.

Our self made software The software that we have developed has been created to achieve the setforth tasks on your computer.

SOE Updater and file integrity checker The SOE Updater was created to check all of the SOE files and SOE specific files that have been added to your computer. what id does is check in with the SOE Update server and then checks the files on your local file system, if it finds a file that is the incorrect version or is corrupt it will securly download the correct file and apply it back to your filesystem.

Application Checker and updater Every time the App Checker runs it checks the installers of the included software on your PC. if it discovers that they are incorrect or that there is a new version available it will download and apply the update to your computer.

Automated Tasks

Automated tasks within the SOE have been added so that the SOE can be setup and maintained so the end user can use their computer without having to worry about learning how to do any of the automated tasks.

Windows Installation The installation of windows has been fully automated and is centralized within a single interface known as the SOE Re-Build console. when the SOE Re-Build console is launched it will automatically check for SOE updates, format your system partition and install a fresh copy of windows. the windows install is setup so that it is exactly the same every time you use it.


SOE Updating The SOE updater is automatic and will check for updates just after you log into your computer and every 3 hours after that. The SOE Update and file integrity checker is displayed down the bottom right hand corner of your screen, when this runs you don't have to wait for it to finish running before you work. SOE updates are created and released based on issues that have been fixed or features being added, some added features are requested by end users and others added are to increase the functionality of the users experience, maintenance or to link into a new feature added to the SOE User Interface. genrally if a new update has been downloaded you will recieve a dialog box asking if you would like to install these updates now, if you select yes then they are installed but not available until you restart your computer, if you select no then they will be installed after your computer next reboots. Each time the SOE Updater runs it checks the integrity of each SOE file if it discovers that it has been tampered with the correct file will be downloaded in the background and the tampered with file erased, this happens without any interaction from you.

Software Installation All software that is apart of the SOE is automaticly installed when you rebuild your computer or login as the administrator. when you logon as the administrator you will see it running in the top right hand corner of the screen. all software installations are visable and no window should be closed if they just pop up as this is part of the process. not every single application you can think of is automated nor available as part of the SOE, to see a full list Click Here

Driver Installation for hardware that is contained within your PC when windows is rebuild the drivers are installed for you and in the background. currently we are working on an automated solution to keep all hardware drivers upto date and your hardware working. in the mean time if you have an issue with your hardware not working as intended then please log a support ticket to get the issue resolved.

SOE Versions

SOE 300

Never Released
SOE 300 has been created out of a necesatary to rifine the way the Operating System (OS) is deployed and managed. SOE 300 will be a complete overhaul of the current SOE deployment method using Microsoft deployment Tools (MDT) instead of our own engineered tools. The new deployment method will still have a SOE Build Console, but be more user friendly.

SOE 300 will still contain all of the same features as the previous SOE Versions with some additions.

Below is a proposed list of new features. - New GUI for SOE Build Console - Managed Application Monitoring - User Creation via the SOE Web Interface - Web Management Interface Application Management - SOE Bandwidth Usage Monitoring

SOE Support

Just by using our SOE you now have what is known as a centrally managed computer. what this means for you as the end user is that you will not have to be to concerned with the maintenance that a computer needs to keep running at its optimum. Your computer will report its status to the SOE update server so that those maintenance tasks will run automatically and in the background with little to no interaction from you. And with any interaction it will be a simple dialog box with an `I'm not a geek, so don't confuse me speak` human readable an understandable message.

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