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SLA SOE 200 Series

SOE Centralized Management System

:NOTE: This SLA is no longer used or applicable

1. Outline

A. The aim of this agreement is to provide an outline of the SCMS (SOE Centralized Management System) that is provided by or NFC from hereon in to Registered End users and SOE PC Owners, thereby ensuring an efficient service and support regime is available as required.

B. This agreement is contingent upon each party knowing and fulfilling their responsibilities and generating an environment conducive to the achievement and maintenance of targeted service levels.

2. Responsibilities

A. The list of responsibilities has been broken down into 4 groups.

  1. NFC
    • Develop the tools required for the establishment of a SOE for end users computers;
    • Build and provide a secure interface for the managed OS that is accessible from any internet connected web browser;
    • Develop and implement any secure and efficient way of maintaining the SOE.
    • During development, deployment, updating and maintenance of the SOE, take all reasonable steps to ensure that the security and integrity of the SOE computer(s) is not jeopardized.
    • Keep users informed of improvements and potential issues about their computer.
    • Provide a means where an end user can fix their OS related issues without the assistance of a computer technician.
  2. End Users
    • Maintain internet connectivity at a minimum of every 8-10 days or within 48 hours of notification of an available update;
    • Report any changes to your PC that was not there when the SOE was first setup or seems odd, with the exception of any changes you have made; i.e. Software installation or settings changes;
    • Keep your personal registration details up to date.
  3. SOE PC Owners
    • All End Users responsibilities are also applicable here.
    • Ensure every user on your PC is registered at NFC and that you have notified us so they can log tickets for your PCs
  4. Beta Testers
    • All End User and SOE PC Owners responsibilities are applicable here but not contrary.
    • Maintain Internet connectivity at a minimum of every 2-3 days or within 24 hours of notification of an available update;
    • Report bugs, issues and instability to NFC as soon as they occur along with all details applicable to the issue;
    • Evaluate features as they come available and suggest improvements as required;

B. NFC will do all that is necessary to fulfill its responsibilities within reason, qualifications and permitted time.

C. It is noted that NFC is operated by one person; even tho NFC conducts itself as a business it is neither a business nor a registered company. Their services are provided as part of the owner’s hobby and come with no warranties and may come and go as the owner sees fit. It is also noted that some of NFC responsibilities above may lapse due to the above reasons, but at all times best efforts are to be made to maintain NFC’s end of the deal. This clause is not applicable to any security or privacy related responsibility listed above or required by law.

D. If any user or PC owner fails to maintain their responsibilities it is agreed upon, that usage of the SCMS will cease and the forfeiture of all SCMS software(s) contained within the PC is to occur.

3. Provided Services

A. For a detailed description of the SCMS/SOE and what is provided, refer to the documentation at This documentation may change from time to time and is the responsibility of all users to remain informed of its contents.

4. Support

A. Support for the SCMS users is provided and made available for the following items

  • Windows configuration, but not including implementing non standard windows features;
  • Rebuilding of SOE;
  • General cleanup of left behind Windows mess, i.e. Auto start programs, temp file cleanup, user profile setup, removal of un-needed software;
  • Maintenance of any software that is managed by the SCMS Interface;
  • Anything related to the SCMS.

B. Support can be provided for any other computer issue, at our discretion and may require a donation of $50 p/h. This donation will aid in the upkeep, maintenance and or expansion our services.

C. All support requests are to be made via the user interface at NFC, the support ticketing system.

5. Authorized methods of communication

A. The following list in order of priority, are the methods end users can use to contact NFC.

  1. Email -

B. Requesting support by phone is not included.

C. If NFC is required to contact end users then it will be done via their registered E-Mail address, with the exception of an urgent matter requiring immediate attention on their computer.

6. Acceptance and Amendments

A. This document may, with or without notification to users, be amended or changed from time to time.

B. It is agreed that the continued use of the SCMS or part there of will be taken as an agreement to this SLA.

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