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2. Browse the Bug Tracker

After login you are redirected to the My View page. There are four parts to the page:

  • Header
  • Menu Bar
  • Body
  • Footer

Each section of the page is described in further detail below.

The Header consists the Bug Tracker title, No Fuss Computing's own customized Mantis logo, the login information and the switch project select box.

2.1.1 Project Select Box

This is where you select what project you would like to filter and display only those tickets. After you have selected the project, the page will automatically redirect.

The Menu Bar is how you navigate around the bug tracker and is comprised of the following links.

2.2.1 Description

Bug Tracker Menu Bar

  1. My View
  2. View Issues
  3. Report Issue
  4. Change Log
  5. Road map
  6. My Account
  7. Logout

2.2.2 Ticket Jump Box

Also included on the header bar is an input box. This input box is where you can put a ticket number in, once you enter a number press 'Enter'/'Click Jump' and you will be taken directly to that tickets detail page.

2.3. Body

This section of the page is where the content of the site will be displayed, each time you click on a link within the Bug Tracker the body will update and change accordingly.

The Footer begins after a horizontal rule and is composed of some info (copyright) on the left and the Mantis logo at right.

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