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My Microsoft Deployment Tool Kit Setup

This information has been created as a record of how I do something, if you decide to follow anything within this set of pages and stuff up, your on your own!!

I use Microsoft Deployment Tool Kit (MDT) to reduce the time it takes to install/update and to deploy a working Windows OS. The setup of MDT and time taken to test and get it right far outweighs deploying an OS by hand. Below you will find how I have setup my MDT structure and why. Most of my setup has been chopped and changed due to trial and error and to ease the burden.

My goals for MDT are:

  • Deploy any Windows OS quickly
  • Easily update Applications / Drivers / Operating System
  • make deployment media that could be used by a less savvy computer user.

I currently use MDT to Deploy windows on my own network (Active Directory Domain), Stand alone machines and family and friends computers. I also use MDT to install applications and force a computer to update using my WSUS Server.


these sub-pages define each section of my setup a little further

Folder Layout

MDT Folder Structure

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