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NFC Software Development

Here at No Fuss Computing we do create our own software. we create software not only as a hobby but to create something unique to assist the end user.

When we create software its aim is that of functionality and ease of use over cosmetics, this is due to everything here at No Fuss Computing being run by one person. We may be a bit slow on the development side getting to an end product but rest assured that our goals, some mentioned above are being met first alongside quality.

When we create software it does go through a rigorous beta testing system, this ensures that 99.9% of bugs and/or issues are discovered before you as the end user utilizes our software. Our beta testing consists of 3 stages that have differing degrees of computer knowledge and experience. If a bug or issue is discovered at any stage it will return to Stage 1 BETA testers and start the process again.

All software created by us has been branded so that you can quickly and easily identify it as coming from us, below is a list of things that we do to assist in its identification:

  1. put our logo on it (Fig 1),
  2. Digitally Sign each file in the package (Fig 2 and Fig 3),
  3. Digitally sign the installer, and
  4. provide information on our website about it.

Fig 1. Below is an example of our branding on the SCMS Installer
no fuss computing Installer Example

Fig 2. Below is the digital signature of one of our SCMS files.
no fuss computing Installer Example

Fig 3. Below is what our digital certificate looks like.
no fuss computing Installer Example

Certificate Details

Any software signed by us will have their certificate issued from NFC Root Certification Authority. This is our own Certification Authority (CA) as part of our CA chain. The root CA chain and certificates are detailed below:

Our Current Public certificates including our CA Certificates can be downloaded directly from our website using the following links.

Our Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) can be found at the following links

Our certificates are self signed certificates, to enable your PC to trust us, the NWW root CA Certificate will need to be added to the “Machine Trusted Root Certification Authorities” store.

CA Thumbprint Validity Status Notes
NWW Root CA 23 64 98 e8 23 d8 80 41 4b 76 3c d9 cc 81 3e f1 fc ee cb f8 27 Oct 2015
27 Oct 2025
In Use Current Certificate
NWW Root CA 9c 7f 3a b4 d5 16 14 74 9a 1d 11 71 a4 43 3f c0 00 49 99 22 23 Dec 2013
23 Dec 2023
In Use About to be phased out.
NFC Root CA ac 35 5a d0 a3 d4 70 d1 f1 60 85 66 c4 8d f9 4b 9d a5 f3 08 27 Oct 2015
27 Oct 2020
In Use Current.
NFC Root CA d8 c6 74 f8 bf 82 d0 ae a7 0e 05 aa fc 8d dd db ab 9b ab 56 23 Dec 2013
23 Dec 2018
Superceeded We have migrated to our new Root CA as above. This CA is no longer in use and has been revoked.

WARNING: If you get software claiming to be from us and the CA Certificate thumbprint's do not match the details above or it is not signed, IMMEDIATELY DELETE IT AND NOTIFY US.

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