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XBMC (Kodi) guisettings

below is what i have by default within my guisettings file.

Don't place any code block before this one as it is used with scripts.

        <automenu>true</automenu> <!-- Attempt to skip DVD intro -->
        <defaultguideview default="true">3</defaultguideview> <!-- Timeline view -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomepageHideRecentlyAddedVideo">false</setting> <!-- Don't Hide Video from home screen -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomepageHideRecentlyAddedAlbums">false</setting> <!-- Don't Hide albums from home screen -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.homepageWeatherinfo">true</setting> <!-- show weather on home screen -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomeMenuNoMovieButton">false</setting> <!-- -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomeMenuNoTVShowButton">false</setting> <!-- -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomeMenuNoWeatherButton">false</setting> <!-- Hide Weather from Home screen -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomeMenuNoPicturesButton">true</setting> <!-- Hide Pictures from Home screen -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomeMenuNoVideosButton">false</setting> <!-- Show Videos on Home screen -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomeMenuNoMusicButton">true</setting> <!-- Hide Music from Home screen -->
        <setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.HomeMenuNoProgramsButton">true</setting> <!-- Hide Programs from Home screen -->
        <setting type="string" name="skin.confluence.HomeVideosButton1"></setting> <!-- Show couchpotato under video menu on homescreen -->
        <setting type="string" name="skin.confluence.HomeVideosButton2"></setting> <!-- Show sickbeard under video menu on homescreen-->
		<setting type="bool" name="skin.confluence.FirstTimeRun">true</setting> <!-- disable the first run popup. -->
            <viewmode>65586</viewmode> <!-- TV Shows View: List -->
            <viewmode>66040</viewmode> <!-- Episodes View: Media Info -->
            <viewmode>66036</viewmode> <!-- Movies View: Thumbnail -->
            <viewmode>65586</viewmode> <!-- Videos View: List -->
        <deinterlacemode>1</deinterlacemode> <!-- De-Interlace video -->
        <interlacemethod>1</interlacemethod> <!-- De-Interlace mode auto-->
        <showsubtitles>false</showsubtitles> <!-- Disable Subtitles (append to force subtitle to show) -->
        <groupmoviesets default="true">false</groupmoviesets> <!-- Don't Group Movies in Sets-->
        <usedxva2>false</usedxva2> <!-- Disable DXVA2 Hardware Decoding, (causes HD video pixalation) -->
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