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Privacy Policy

“Our Privacy Goal: Foster a relationship with our end users that is conducive of trust”

  1. Interpretation we, us, me or I, as used throughout this policy will refer to either: No Fuss Computing, it's owner/operator or any person who has been authorized by us in writing to act on our behalf.
    You, Your, End User, Consumer as used in this policy is taken to mean the same person, the other party in use of our products and or services

  2. Acceptance Your acceptance to this policy will be automatic upon using or continued use of our services and or products, as applicable.

  3. Amendments We reserve the right to amend this policy from time to time, without your permission.

  4. Collection of Information Any information that we collect from you will not be sold or passed onto any third party without your express written permission, unless as required by law.

  5. Information Collection As for the generic information that we may collect from your PC, we may use this information to improve, extend or compliment our services. Prior to this occurring we will sanitize any identifing information, if applicable.

As we are yet to devise a through privacy policy please keep your eye on this page. if you have any questions please use the contact us on our home page.

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