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The configuration/custom settings for the Application Manager are saved to the windows registry. The settings that are saved there are done so by using the GUI. Any setting an administrator places there will also be utilised by the Application Manager, as long as they are valid.


All Settings for the Application Manager are saved under the root location of HKLM\SOFTWARE\NoFussComputing\SCMS\Plugins\ApplicationManager within the Windows Registry. There are two subkeys available for use under this path and they are used for individual applications settings and they are:

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\NoFussComputing\SCMS\Plugins\ApplicationManager\Managed\[ApplicationID] - Individual Application Settings for Managed Applications
  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\NoFussComputing\SCMS\Plugins\ApplicationManager\User\[ApplicationID] - Individual Application Settings for Custom Applications :TODO: Confirm this has custom settings

Each application is a sub-key based on its Application ID under the root settings location. This Sub-Key name is derived by our system and by default will be a SHA256 of the Application. You can locate the package ID from our Application Database1)

All Application Manager settings can be exported to a registry file by using the following command

reg EXPORT HKLM\SOFTWARE\NoFussComputing\SCMS\Plugins\ApplicationManager [PathtoFile]\ApplicationManager.reg

Possible Reasons to export:

  • Backup of settings/applications to manage
  • to Import to a different machine to maintain consistent settings and managed applications

Import with

reg EXPORT HKLM\SOFTWARE\NoFussComputing\SCMS\Plugins\ApplicationManager [PathtoFile]\ApplicationManager.reg

Application Manager Settings

All Application Manager settings are saved within the same location within the Windows Registry under the HKLM hive.

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\NoFussComputing\SCMS\Plugins\ApplicationManager

These settings are 'REG_SZ' values and can be safely exported and re-imported without affecting the performance of the Application Manager.


By default, there are no settings placed in the registry by the Application Manager. The only time settings are placed there, is when a end user of the Application Manager customizes the setting within the GUI.

Setting Type Value(s) Max Length Default Value Description
MinDriveSpace Integer # 2 5 This is the amount in 'GigaBytes' of hard drive space to set aside as system reserved space.
OverRideMinDriveSpace Boolean True 4 Null Override the the default of 5GB drive space reserved with the value in 'MinDriveSpace'

Using the setting 'OverRideMinDriveSpace' can have dire consequences for system stability, ONLY use this setting if you know what you are doing.

Individual Application Install Settings

Individual Applications are saved under the Application Package Key as a REG_SZ String Value. By default if the Setting Does not exist the Application Manager will choose the default action applicable to that setting.

Name Type Value(s) Default Action Description
Architecture String AMD64
Install Architecture that matches OS. The processor architecture of the software to install.
Update String False Update to new version when it becomes available. Tells the Application Manager not to update the application.
Version String 1.2[.3[.4]] Install Current and newest supported version The version of the software to install.
items enclosed with '[ ]' are optional.

All settings that the Application Manager uses are saved to the registry under HKLM\SOFTWARE\NoFussComputing\SCMS\Plugins\ApplicationManager.

1) Still Under development
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