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Software Categories

Each Software package has been arranged into a category. Below you find all of the categories we use including a short description of each.

Image Name Description
Compress Software that offers file archiving i.e. .zip, ,7z, .gz etc.
Communication Communication software covers anything that would be used to offer voice or video communication with another person, i.e chat program
Developer Developer Tools.
Driver System drivers.
E-Mail E-Mail Applications.
Image Image Editing, manipulation Applications.
Multimedia Multimedia Applications, including viewing, editing and processing.
Null this is a placeholder category, if an application shows under this category, the creator has made a typo in the application.xml.
Office Document editing/authoring applications.
Runtime Run Time Environments, i.e. browser plugin, IML applications.
Utility System utility or administration tools.
Web Browser Web browsing applications.
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