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No Fuss Confluence XBMC (Kodi) Skin

This page is still being developed….

I must admit that I am a fan of the default XBMC (Kodi) Confluence skin. But due to this like I have had to miss out on some of the other customizations available within other skins. So to this end I decided to start modifying and therefore creating my own skin, No Fuss Confluence.


  • Custom Video Information during Video Playback (Fig 1)
  • Additional Studio/Video/Audio Icons
  • Custom TV Shows / Movies Playlist
  • add the rest here

Some of the mods I have done to this skin came from ideas I seen in other skins. As I have borrowed and used these additions, I am more than happy to give credit where credit is due. If you where the original creator of these ideas please contact me.

Video Information screen

Fig 1. Video Information Screen

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