Release Changelog: Alpha Version 26 Jul 2015

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Release Changelog: Alpha Version 26 Jul 2015

Postby Jon » Sun 05 Jul 2015 11:07 am

Installer Version: 2.1.8
Release Type: Closed, BETA Testers Only

Summary of Changes
  • Ticket #210 - Customizable install Options
    • Can Now Select Version Number and processor from GUI
    • Aplication Name, Architecture and Version now defaults to green if dynamically updated, or red for attributes that are locked. available for Version and Architecture.
    • Choose whether you would like to auto update an application via the GUI, status box under description also added. Green = Auto Update, Red = Don't Update. NOT YET FULLY IMPLEMENTED
  • Ticket #211 - Application helplinks
    • GUI Application 'More Information Link' connects to File Database. - NOT YET FULLY IMPLEMENTED
  • Ticket #213 - Detect if Service not running - Resolved
    • Added Service Check. when the Application Manager is launched it will check if the "Worker Service" is running, if launched by user with administrative permissions and service not running will attempt to start service. if non-admin and service is not running they will receive a message box.
  • Ticket #232 - Installing firefox not curent version - Resolved
  • Ticket #234 - Improve memory management - Resolved
    • Massive improvement on memory usage and disposal. on average and with very basic rudimentary testing the application manager GUI didn't appear to go above 30MB before 'Cleanup' occured.
  • Description box now recognizes 'CRLF'
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