0000020: [Bug] Installer doesn't Perform upgrade (Jon)
0000170: [Bug] Unable to conduct Update after migration (Jon)
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0000087: [Software] Improve Logging and error handling (Jon)
1 issue View Issues
0000019: [Bug] Plugin Folder missing causes Crash (Jon)
0000103: [Bug] External SCMS Plugin Manager Clients not connecting to SCMS Server (Jon)
0000086: [Service] Update files by group (Jon)
0000085: [Service] Application not updating multiple files (Jon)
0000125: [Bug] SCMS Server causes crash on sending Full Inventory (Jon)
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0000348: [Bug] [SCMSService.exe v1.1.4.1] SCMS system exception when service started. (Jon)
0000150: [Feature Request] Auto Install of root CA Certificate (Jon)
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0000133: [Bug] SCMS Service Fails to start when the computer boots (Jon)
0000092: [Software] Service does not start after reboot (Jon)
0000113: [Bug] SCMS Service Crashes with null system exception after command 00 sent (Jon)
0000007: [General] SCMSService.exe (Build Version: 2.0.5207.31246) Crash (Jon)
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ALPHA Testing version 0.2. This is a closed testing release. This Alpha release is an incremental improvement to the previous Alpha.
0000188: [Feature Request] Improve Application logging (Jon)
0000248: [Bug] Incorrect verion being installed. (Jon)
0000228: [Feature Request] [Catastrophic Consequence] Check disk size prior to installation (Jon)
       0000351: [Feature Request] MinDriveSize Setting won't go lower than 5GB (Jon)
0000234: [Automated Task] Improve memory management (Jon)
0000211: [Feature Request] Application helplinks (Jon)
0000267: [Service] SCMS Application Manager crashes on startup. (Jon)
0000247: [Bug] Icon right click no run as administrator (Jon)
0000222: [Feature Request] SCMS and Application intergration with MDT (Jon)
0000180: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] When application closed the desktop notifier remains open (Jon)
0000177: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Closing Desktop Notification panel causes Crash (Jon)
0000232: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Installing firefox not curent version (Jon)
0000220: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Application doesn't notify of processor architecture (Jon)
0000213: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Detect if Service not running (Jon)
0000212: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Found Hash False (Jon)
0000207: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] applications with no uninstall info show green (Jon)
0000193: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Link website to application help link. (Jon)
0000192: [Feature Request] Remove user configured Applications no longer available for distribution (Jon)
0000190: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Debug messages outputting to Desktop notifier (Jon)
0000185: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] System.NullReferenceException after processing done. (Jon)
0000184: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] System.NullReferenceException reading registry value (Jon)
0000181: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Commands do not run as intended. (Jon)
0000181: [Bug] [ALPHA-Bug] Commands do not run as intended. (Jon)
0000058: [Feature Request] Automatic Software Installation (Jon)
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