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0000228Application Manager[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2016-08-14 02:36
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionAlpha 0.1Product BuildAlpha 
Target VersionAlpha 0.2Fixed in VersionAlpha 0.2 
Summary0000228: [Catastrophic Consequence] Check disk size prior to installation
DescriptionIf the disk space to install the application on is getting low and the user attempts to install an application, it will fail and possibly prevent that app from ever being installed if they free up enough space.
Additional InformationImplement disk space checking for the OS set application install path, provide enough information to the user to determine if they will be able to install the app based on install size.

Implement on the server tracking of application sizes once installed and also keep track of the installer size once extracted. This information will then be useful to determine if the user will be able to install the application.
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parent of 0000351 resolvedJon MinDriveSize Setting won't go lower than 5GB 



2015-06-27 15:52

manager   ~0000733

Resolved in the following commits.

SCMS Client Commit
  - 338 (2ab550a7f217) Feature: 0000228 Checking of HDD space now occurs prior to installation.
SCMS Server
  - 104 (92d0172b5109) Version Support
  - 105 (bbb564d5e19b) Feature: 0000228 Added Application Node 'InstallerSize'

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