Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the Feature Rich New Website by No Fuss Computing

Yes, I am fully aware that this “new website is not as esthetically pleasing” as the last one.

Why change the website? I don’t have the time to add features to the previous site. As most of you would be aware, the old site was created from scratch and even though it was exactly what I needed when it was created; I just cant dedicate the time to add the new features. The decision to retire the old website didn’t come lightly, I have just placed it on the shelf, for use some time in the future.

Some New Site Features:

  • Categorized Posts
  • RSS Feeds
  • Shopping cart
  • User Notifications
  • Awesome Account Management
  • Beta testers can actually download the software they are testing!! yay!!!

One of the shittest things that happened when this new site came along is that a new user database had to be created……so…… guess what? you have to re create your accounts to use the features of this site. This change does not affect our wiki or bug and feature tracker, your username and password within those systems are still intact. I do have future plans to integrate SSO into all of my services, that way you wont have to remember three different user names and passwords.

I will (Time Permitting), manually create your user accounts for you. Don’t get freaked out if you start receiving emails from my website stating that you have an account created with us. But if you are a bit of a sissy girl, then feel free to forward the registration email to me and I will confirm that I created the account.

Wanted Someone that is clearly more artistic than me. That should come as no surprise, evidently presented creative pictures, by yours truly on the homepage. Seriously though, if you are good at graphic design and don’t mind donating your time to create some images for this new website then please let me know.

Some stats from the old server (an old QNAP TS-110 NAS with an 800MHz CPU and 256MB RAM) throughout it’s 3 year lifespan:

  • 763,520 (~697 daily) website hits,
  • 603,783 (~551.4 daily) Database transactions, and
  • 5,626 MB (~5.13MB daily) size of total Database transactions.

Keep your eyes posted on this site as I intend on posting updates more regularly.

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