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Badge usage

This page details badge usage across No Fuss Computings development

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Gitlab badges

Badge Services: - -

Note: in the code examples ensure everythin is on one line.

  • Github Watchers

  • Gitlab forks count

  • GitHub forks

  • Gitlab stars

  • GitHub stars

  • Open Issues

![Open Issues](


  • Gitlab build status - development
![Gitlab build status - development](






  • This is an active project
![This is an active project](
  • This project is no longer maintained
![This project is no longer maintained](
  • GitLab Release (latest by date)
![GitLab Release (latest by date)](

{project path}


.cz.yaml vsrsion and by branch

branch release version

![branch release version](

{project path seperated with `%2F` not `/`}




This page forms part of our Operations Manual.

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