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Gitlab Labels

This page is intended to provide definitions and usage information for different items within gitlab that we implement.


What is occuring with the issue. we will label to denote what stage of the workflow the issue is in. These labels are for developor/contributor use and should be adjusted in accordance to what is occuring on the issue/Merge Request.

  1. ~"workflow::not ready"

    no work can commence on the object as there is missing information or is blocked by another object.

  2. ~"workflow::not started"

    previous stages define are complete and there is no one working on the object.

  3. ~"workflow::underway"

    work has commenced on the object and is being actively being worked on

  4. after `` period of inactivity, this label will be changed to ~"workflow::ceased"

  5. ~"workflow::complete"

    That the object is complete and all tasks are marked as finished. This will be added when an issue has been marked as fixed in a commit. Use this label if no further work needs to be done on the issue. i.e. A commit has fixes/closes #{issue number} in a merge request, so the issue is labeled as complete and no further effort is placed on the issue at hand.

  6. ~"workflow::stalled"

    That the object workflow has stalled. This label will be applied in accordance with triage Policies


  • ~"workflow::not ready::blocked"

  • ~"workflow::ready to commence"


A Stages denotes where we are in relation to the action being taken with an issue.

In order the stages are:

  1. ~"stage::feedback required"

    denotes that OP is required to provide further information/feedback.

  2. the object will be auto closed after to be defined period if no feedback supplied.

  3. ~"stage::planning"

    planning the object development stage, including conducting any inquiry or research to further enable the develop stage.

  4. ~"stage::develop"

    object is being actively worked on

  5. ~"stage::test"

    ?? Is this stage needed ?? When if at all could it be used


A type denotes what the issue is related to, in essence a catagory.

  • ~"type::CI / CD"
  • ~"type::bug"
  • ~"type::compliance"
  • ~"type::documentation"
  • ~"type::feature"
  • ~"type::quality assurance"

Impact / Priority

Impact and priority labels will enable issues to be scored and worked on using a score. The calculated score provides an order to work on i.e. 1=work on first then 2 and so on.

Impact is how much of an effect the issue has whereas priority is the workflow ordering.

Scoring table

The following scoring table gives an ordered list from one to which issues should be worked on.

Label ~"impact::5" ~"impact::4" ~"impact::3" ~"impact::2" ~"impact::1" ~"impact::0"
~"priority::5" 1 2 3 4 5 26
~"priority::4" 6 7 8 9 10 27
~"priority::3" 11 12 13 14 15 28
~"priority::2" 16 17 18 19 20 29
~"priority::1" 21 22 23 24 25 30
~"priority::0" -- -- -- -- -- 31

Label ~"impact::0" will be used for items that neither have an impact or cause an impact.

Label ~"priority::0" will be used to denote in the future sometime. i.e. work is not scheduled.

Impact definitions

  • ~"impact::5"

    potential or actual unauthorized access, data breech/leak, security bug or privacy bug (outside of what is designed) and failed CI/CD jobs.

  • ~"impact::4"

    bugs that cause application failure with no work around, i.e. uncaught exception, buffer overflow.

  • ~"impact::3"

    bugs that cause a feature to not function correctly, has no work around.

  • ~"impact::2"

    causes very minimal issue to program, i.e has a work around

  • ~"impact::1"

    default impact. Causes no issues to the program, i.e inconvenience.

Priority definitions

The priority lable is used by developers and above, to determine our priority of tackling the issue. This value is also used in determining the issue weight.

Oustanding actions

below is a list of further tasks that we intend on completing to improve the user expierance.

  • Notify user of expectations | :notepad_spiral: Description | |---| | Another job needs to be created that is triggered as soon as an issue or merge request is created by a non-member that informs of what will happen next etc. |


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