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Ansible Playbooks


Docs Still under development

The playbooks in this repository are included in our Ansible Execution Environment docker container.

Available Playbooks:

  1. awx.yaml

  2. backup.yaml

  3. common.yaml

  4. git_configuration.yaml

  5. glpi.yaml

  6. keycloak.yaml

  7. mariadb.yaml

  8. postgresdb.yaml

  9. restore.yaml

  10. Direct Module Access

    These playbooks allow the direct calling of an Ansible module.

    1. ansible_module_mysql.yaml

    2. ansible_module_postgres.yaml

Docs ToDo

  • notate usage/inclusions within ansible-ee image
  • notate gitlab-ci jobs etc
  • notate playbook variables prefix must be nfc_pb_


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