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Ansible Roles

This section of the website contains Ansible roles and the details of how to use said projects. Across All of our Ansible roles we standardize as much as possible. This document will contain the details of said standardization.

Our roles:

Role Requirements

This section covers what by default, be part of all ansible roles we create.

As part of the role, setting of ansible stats with ansible.builtin.set_stats must be provided. This enables a single variable that can be used after the play has completed. Usage of a role that includes the usage of ansible.builtin.set_stats within AWX enables population of the artifacts and passing of the stats between workflows/job templates.

- name: Stat Values
    stat_values: |
        "host_{{ inventory_hostname | replace('.', '_') | replace('-', '_') }}": {
          "roles": {
            role_name: {
              "enabled": true,
              "installed": false,
              "empty_list": [],
              "empty_dict": {}
          playbooks: {
            "{{ inventory_hostname }}": "here"

- name: Create Final Stats not Per Host
    data: "{{ stat_values | from_yaml }}"
    per_host: false
    aggregate: true

- name: Clear Stat Values
    stat_values: null
  • Stat Values is only required if the variable names require expansion. Can be omitted if no variable expansion required for variable name.

  • Create Final Stats not Per Host sets the artifacts/stats.

  • Clear Stat Values remove the stat fact. only required if using Stat Values.


AWX requires that per_host be set to false when setting stats for artifacts to work. Hence the structure of the artifacts above use hostname prefixed with host_. This method enables programatic checking if by host due to the presence of host_ in the dictionary name.

  • All Role Variables to be prefixed with the role name.


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