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Ansible Execution Environment

This docker container is designed to be used with Ansible AWX/Tower or from within the Gitlab CI/CD Environment. Included in the container are the following projects from us:

This container can be found at dockerhub at and for use from docker with docker pull nofusscomputing/ansible-ee. versioning and git tags are in accordance with semver.

The docker container is built from the python-slim image with a few extra items added to suit the containers intent. Please refer to the dockerfile. we currently build containers for amd64, armv7 and aarch640.


Included features are only included if a role that we create requires it. Currently we use the pythonx.xx-{debian release} as abase image which makes available the debian packages should you require additional features/sofware not specified below.

  • custom ansible.cfg

  • environmental variable ANSIBLE_PLAYBOOK_DIR set pointing to /etc/ansible/playbooks.

  • Galaxy Collections included

    • Any collection installed with ansible-core

    • awx.awx

    • kubernetes.core

    • community.general

    • ansible.posix

    • community.docker

  • Additional Software within container

    • git

    • openssh-client

    • obviously, since its a python container, python.

Docker Tags

We use the following tags for our docker containers

  • latest This is the latest stable code from the master branch, and will always match the newest non rc git and dockerhub tag. Built on merge from development to master branch.

  • \d.\d\.d i.e. 1.0.0 This layout of tag is the latest git tag from the master branch. Built on merge from development to master branch after the gitlab release job runs.

  • dev This tag is from the latet build from the development branch, this is considered unstable. on every merge to this branch, the container is built and pushed to this tag on dockerhub.


    We use this tag within our gitlab-ci roles. Eventhough it's considered unstable, using it for our CI jobs enables an extra gate in our release cycle to find and fix issues prior to releaseing to stable.

  • \d.\d.\drc\d i.e. 1.0.0.rc0 This tag is used on the development branch as a means to take a snapshot of the code. Built on the gitlab release job being triggered on the development branch.


ARG release_name=bookworm

ARG kubernetes_version=1.29

FROM --platform=$TARGETPLATFORM as receptor

FROM --platform=$TARGETPLATFORM python:3.11-slim-${release_name} as prep

ARG kubernetes_version

ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive

RUN apt update; \
  apt install -y \
    curl \

RUN curl | gpg --dearmor | tee /usr/share/keyrings/helm.gpg > /dev/null; \
  echo "deb [arch=$(dpkg --print-architecture) signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/helm.gpg] all main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/helm.list; \
  cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/helm.list;

RUN curl -fsSL${kubernetes_version}/deb/Release.key | gpg --dearmor | tee /usr/share/keyrings/kubernetes.gpg > /dev/null; \
  echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/kubernetes.gpg]${kubernetes_version}/deb/ /" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubernetes.list; \
  cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubernetes.list;

FROM --platform=$TARGETPLATFORM python:3.11-slim-${release_name}

# Ansible chucks a wobbler without. see:

ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive

ENV ANSIBLE_PLAYBOOK_DIR=/etc/ansible/playbooks

ENV ANSIBLE_COLLECTIONS_PATH=/etc/ansible/collections

COPY includes /

# Ref:
  # org.opencontainers.image.authors="{contributor url}" \
  org.opencontainers.image.vendor="No Fuss Computing" \
  # org.opencontainers.image.url="{dockerhub url}" \
  # org.opencontainers.image.documentation="{docs url}" \
  # org.opencontainers.image.source="{repo url}" \
  # org.opencontainers.image.revision="{git commit sha at time of build}" \
  org.opencontainers.image.title="No Fuss Computings Ansible Execution Environment" \
  org.opencontainers.image.description="An ansible execution environment for awx/tower and CI/CD pipelines" \
  org.opencontainers.image.vendor="No Fuss Computing"
  # org.opencontainers.image.version="{git tag}"

RUN apt update \
    # SoF fixing dpkg ldconfig not found error
  && cd /tmp \
  && apt-get download \
    libc-bin \
  && dpkg --extract $(ls | grep libc-bin_ | grep -a '.deb') /tmp/deb \
  && cp /tmp/deb/sbin/ldconfig /sbin/ \
  && rm -Rf /tmp/deb \
  && rm $(ls | grep libc-bin_ | grep -a '.deb') \
  && apt-get install -y --reinstall \
    libc-bin \
    # EoF fixing dpkg ldconfig not found error
    # Set Locale to en_US as ansible requires a locale for it to function without chucking a tantrum!!
  && apt install -y \
    locales \
    apt-transport-https \
  && sed -i 's/^# *\(en_US.UTF-8\)/\1/' /etc/locale.gen \
  && locale-gen;

COPY --from=prep --chmod=644 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/helm.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/helm.list

COPY --from=prep --chmod=644 /usr/share/keyrings/helm.gpg /usr/share/keyrings/helm.gpg

COPY --from=prep --chmod=644 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubernetes.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubernetes.list

COPY --from=prep --chmod=644 /usr/share/keyrings/kubernetes.gpg /usr/share/keyrings/kubernetes.gpg

RUN apt update; \
  apt list --upgradable \
  && apt upgrade --no-install-recommends -y \
  && apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y \
    openssh-client \
    git \
    helm \
    kubectl \
    sshpass \
    postgresql-common \
    postgresql-client \
    mariadb-client \
    mariadb-client-core \
  && mkdir -p /etc/ansible/roles \
  && mkdir -p /etc/ansible/collections \
  && mkdir -p /workdir \
  && apt list --installed \
    # see issue for following two lines
  && apt remove -y \
    python3* \
    libpython3*; \
  helm plugin install; \
  rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

WORKDIR /workdir

COPY requirements.txt /tmp/requirements.txt

COPY --from=receptor /usr/bin/receptor /usr/bin/receptor

RUN pip install --upgrade pip; \
  mkdir -p /var/run/receptor; \
  mkdir -p /etc/receptor; \
  chmod 777 /etc/receptor; \
  git config --global --add '*'

RUN pip install --index-url -r /tmp/requirements.txt

RUN ansible-galaxy collection install \
    awx.awx==24.0.0 \
    # ansible.posix.authorized_key for SSH
    ansible.posix==1.5.4 \
    ansible.utils==3.1.0 \
    community.crypto==2.18.0 \
    community.dns==2.8.1 \
    # docker managment
    community.docker==3.8.0 \
    # community.general.gitlab_*
    community.general==8.4.0 \
    community.mysql==3.9.0 \
    community.postgresql==3.4.0 \
    netbox.netbox==3.17.0 \
    theforeman.foreman==4.0.0; \
  ansible-galaxy collection install --pre \
    nofusscomputing.glpi==0.1.0-a1 \
    nofusscomputing.kubernetes==1.10.2 \

This dockerfile is only used to build the python packages for cross platform compilation.

FROM --platform=$TARGETPLATFORM python:3.11-bookworm as wheelbuild



ENV PATH /usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/root/.cargo/bin::~/.cargo/bin

ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive

RUN dpkg-reconfigure debconf -f noninteractive

RUN apt update

# SoF fixing dpkg ldconfig not found error
# Download Binary
RUN cd /tmp \
  && apt-get download \

RUN ls -la

# Extract Binary
RUN cd /tmp; \
  dpkg --extract $(ls | grep libc-bin_ | grep -a '.deb') /tmp/deb; ls -laR

# # Extracted?
# RUN ls -laR

# Copy to home location
RUN cp /tmp/deb/sbin/ldconfig /sbin/

# Confirm present
RUN ls -l /sbin/ldconfig

# Confirm can be found 
RUN which ldconfig

# Cleanup
# RUN rm -Rf /tmp/deb \
#   && rm libc-bin_*.deb

# Should re-install without issue
RUN apt-get install -y --reinstall \
# EoF fixing dpkg ldconfig not found error
# Set Locale to en_US as ansible requires a locale for it to function without chucking a tantrum!!

RUN apt install -yq \
    build-essential \
    cargo \
    curl \
    git \
    libffi-dev \
    libpq-dev \
    libssl-dev \
    mariadb-client \
    mariadb-client-core \
    openssh-client \
    pkg-config \
    postgresql-client \
    postgresql-common \
    python3-dev \

RUN rustc --version \
  && cargo --version

RUN pip install --upgrade pip

RUN pip install --upgrade \
    setuptools \
    wheel \
    setuptools-rust \

COPY requirements.txt /tmp/requirements.txt

RUN mkdir -p /tmp/python_modules /tmp/python_builds

RUN cd /tmp/python_modules \
  && pip download --dest . --check-build-dependencies \
    -r /tmp/requirements.txt

RUN cd /tmp/python_modules \
  # && export PATH=$PATH:~/.cargo/bin \
  && echo "[DEBUG] PATH=$PATH" \
  && pip wheel --wheel-dir /tmp/python_builds --find-links . *.whl; \
  pip wheel --wheel-dir /tmp/python_builds --find-links . *.tar.gz;

RUN cd /tmp; \
  ls -laR

RUN TWINE_PASSWORD=${CI_JOB_TOKEN} TWINE_USERNAME=gitlab-ci-token python -m twine upload --verbose --skip-existing --repository-url ${CI_API_V4_URL}/projects/${CI_PROJECT_ID}/packages/pypi /tmp/python_builds/*

ansible config file

This ansible config file is included within this docker container.



This page forms part of our Project Ansible-EE.

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