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NetBox Kubernetes

This Ansible role as part of our collection nofusscomputing.kubernetes is intended to be used to setup NetBox so that the settings for deploying a kubernetes cluster can be stored within NetBox.

Role Details

Item Value Description
Dependent Roles None
Optional Roles None
Idempotent Yes
Stats Available Not Yet
Tags Nil
Requirements None


  • Adds custom fields to cluster object within NetBox that this collection can use to deploy a kubernetes cluster.


Due to a bug in ansible module netbox.netbox.netbox_custom_field The fields are not created as they should be. For example, the fields are supposed to be set to only display when not empty. for more information see Github #1210. We have added a workaround so the fields are created.

Other than that, the fields are created as they should.


To configure NetBox, ensure that the NetBox Access variables are set and run playbook nofusscomputing.netbox.kubernetes_netbox. This will setup NetBox with the required fields that role nfc_kubernetes uses.

Default Variables



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