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Add Exectution or Hop node to AWX

This runbook details what to do to add exectution or hop node to AWX.


  • You have Access within AWX to add instances.


  1. Navigate to Administration -> Instances

  2. Click Add

  3. Complete the following fields

    • Name preferable to use the site name the node is to be installed in

    • Description Optional. give it a good description

    • Instance Type

      • execution Select this type if you wish to run jobs on the node.

      • hop Select this type if its expected that other hop or execution nodes will be connecting to it

    • Peers from control nodes Only Select this if the control node has network connectivity to the node to be created

    • Managed by Policy Only Applicable to execution node

      • Checked AWX can auto-magically assign jobs to the execution node

      • Un-Checked AWX can't auto-magically assign jobs to this node


    For a node to be installed on a remote site where AWX does not have network connectivity too, Peers from control nodes and Managed by Policy must be false/un-checked

  4. click save.

  5. Click on the Peers tab

  6. click associate

  7. click the check-box next to the peer that is accessible to the node to be installed. This will generally be a DNS name

  8. click save.


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