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Install Remote Execution Node

This runbook details the steps required to install an AWX remote execution node.


  • Ansible is installed.


    apt install -y --no-install-recommends python3-pip
    pip install ansible-core
  • Remote execution node has already been setup within AWX


  1. download config for the execution node from AWX Instances -> <Instance Name> -> Install Bundle

    Or curl -u <username>:<password><instance ID>/install_bundle/ -o bundle.tar.gz

  2. extract tar -xzf bundle.tar.gz

  3. cd <extracted dir that matches instance name>

  4. install dependencies ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements.yml

  5. run the playbook ansible-playbook -i inventory.yml install_receptor.yml --extra-vars "ansible_connection=local"

  6. update /etc/containers/registries.conf with the following so the docker hub images resolve without having to specify registry

    unqualified-search-registries = [ "" ]
  7. remove extracted directory rm -rf <extracted dir that matches instance name>

  8. remove archive rm bundle.tar.gz


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