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Automated repository git submodule updating


This documentation is still a work in progress

This task is designed to automate the updating of your repositories git submodules. Currently it supports being run from CLI or within the Gitlab CI/CD environment. To specifically run this group of tasks define the tag --tags submodule. Another feature of this role, even though we try to compensate/correct errors during the play, is that if any task fails for whatever reason-Run the play again to resolve.

Required Variables

Name default description
submodule_name not defined Optional* If specified and matches the name of a git submodule, will Only* update that module.
submodule_branch not defined Required Branch to use for the git submodules.
default_branch not defined Required Repositories default branch.
mr_labels not defined Required Labels to add to the merge request, if created.
auto_merge false Optional If the job should automerge the merge request if created.

To run this task use ansible-playbook {playbook name that uses git_configuration role}.yaml --tags submodule ensure you set the requird variables with --extra-args or define them in your playbook.

When this automation is run from within the Gitlab CD/CI environment the following variables are used and automagically gathered from the environmental variables. most are self explanatory, with CI (boolean) being used as the variable to detect the Gitlab CD/CI environment:






  • CI

Gitlab CI/CD Usage

This task has also been designed to work within the Gitlab CI/CD environment. The task auto detects this. However you must have a configuration file within the root of your repository for this to work. The required variables as listed above, must be specified within the .yaml file under the path role_git_conf.gitlab. Please refer to the Gitlab config documentation for further information.

Example Configuration file.


    submodule_branch: "development"
    default_branch: development
    mr_labels: ~"type::automation" ~"impact::0" ~"priority::0"
    auto_merge: true


if the config file .nfc_automation.yaml does not exist, the job will not run.

Not specifying the required variables will cause the job to fail.


Using our gitlab-ci Project will enable you to either have this job automagically available or pre defined for you to create the job.

Docs ToDo

  • link the gitlab-ci automated task (auto-generated one)

  • document the workflow


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